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Morgon and Fleurie Crus

My dry-farmed vines in Morgon and Fleurie are over 70-years-old and scratch out their existence in crumbled pink granite soils. Located on slopes at 400m and 475m altitude, it's a unique area which makes small lots of delicious wines. I farm my vineyards organically, and they are ploughed by draft horses. I also incorporate many biodynamic practices, bat boxes, insect “hotels” and more. My Gamay Noir vines are also hand-pruned, hand-harvested and hand-sorted. In the cellar they are handled with a very delicate, minimal, natural touch.

I’m often asked; “But what does Gamay Noir taste like?” Well, most of the worlds Gamay Noir is grown in France. It can be made in a few different styles (just like, say, Chardonnay), but the best, as in Morgon and Fleurie, are medium-bodied, full-fruited dry red wines. The best are deep ruby red, with wonderfully fresh aromas of herbs and flowers. Gamay Noir texture is silky and often offers a “pop” of bright fruit. Taste a few and you can decide. They have tannins, yes, but they are usually smooth, and high-quality – never “drying”. The “cru” typically do not see new oak so they will remind you more of a velvety, nervy Pinot Noir (Gamay Noirs genetic parent btw), than Cabernet, Zinfandel or Syrah. The classics are known to age well, too. Gamay Noir meticulously grown in these "cru" sites will deliver unforgettable experiences – don’t miss them. A fifteen-minute visit to your refrigerator before enjoying will really help them show their stuff. Absolutely top notch.

Order your allocation of my 2022 Domaine Jonathan Pey Morgon 22 Cru "Bellevue" now, as only 325 cases were made. My Fleurie “Fonfotin” will be announced in Summer 2024.

The above photo is of Château de Montmelas, the 12th century wine cellar we call home.

Wine of the Week
"Classic raspberry and plum aromas with a faintest trace of pepper mark the initial aroma. The wine improves markedly with several hours of air. Relatively rich entry, finish is superb. Best served with medium-weight foods. There are some tannins for structure, but impeccably balanced."
- Dan Berger, Napa Valley Register, February 20, 2024
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"Wine is the temperate, civilized, sacred, romantic mealtime beverage recommended in the Bible. It is a liquid food that has been part of civilization for 8,000 years. Wine has been praised for centuries by statesmen, scholars, poets, and philosophers. It has been used as a religious sacrament, as the primary beverage of choice for food, and as a source of pleasure and diversion. Wine is the natural beverage for every celebration: the birth of a child, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, family gatherings, toasts between governments, and other festivities."

Robert Mondavi