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Domaine Jonathan Pey

Morgon and Fleurie Crus

My dry-farmed vines in Morgon and Fleurie are over 70-years-old and scratch out their existence in crumbled pink granite soils. Located on slopes at 400m and 475m altitude, it's a unique area which makes small lots of delicious wines. I farm these sites organically, and they are ploughed by draft horses. I also incorporate many biodynamic practices. These Gamay Noir vines are also hand-pruned, hand-harvested and hand-sorted. In the cellar they are handled with a very delicate, minimal, natural touch. Known to age well, Gamay Noir meticulously grown in these "cru" sites will deliver unforgettable experiences – don’t miss them. Only 325 cases made.

The above photo is of Château de Montmelas, the 12th century wine cellar we are calling home.

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