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Banter or Bullshit?

"Certified" organic farming...vs faking it

I think organic farming (aka “farming like our grandparents did”) should be more widely adopted. My struggle is when some wineries (or sales reps) say their winery is farmed organically “but it isn’t certified”. As Brad Pitt snarls in Inglorious BasterdsNow that I can’t abide.” Why? Because some wineries (not all) use the marketing value of the word organic and exploit it to sell their wine. I can’t tell you how many winery websites I've visited that speak like this, yet when I have walked in their actual vineyards I see vineyards that have been sprayed and denuded like the surface of the moon.

My French vineyards in Morgon and Fleurie are on their way to organic certification (2025 season), and my west coast sites are not certified organic, but are farmed sustainably. So my fellow vintners (and sales reps) if asked the question “Are your vineyards farmed organically?” and you are not certified, please just say “no” – or “they are transitioning to certified”. Don’t state “we sometimes farm organically” to gain bogus marketing points. Don’t say “we farm organically but we don’t certify because of the paperwork”, those are cop outs. Yes, certification takes several years, paperwork and modest fees, but getting “certified” organic is about getting real in terms of organic farming.

Farming certified organic speaks to a commitment, and it is expensive and labor intensive and better for our planet. Please stop faking it.